6-Week Progressive Yoga Series

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6-Week Progressive Yoga Series

 6-week progressive yoga series, designed to increase your flexibility, strength and mobility, so that you can feel more comfortable and at ease in your body. 

If you've been wanting to try yoga or to get back into it; to feel more limber, centred and calm, this series is for you! I often hear people say how stiff their body feels and how they wish they were more flexible. The wonderful thing is, you can be.

However, if you wait and put it off,  the truth is, you'll only feel more of what you already do; stiff, tight, sore and uncomfortable in your own body. It's a very frustrating experience. It leaves us feeling discouraged. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Honestly, just the consistency of stretching and specific poses can have you feeling limber once more. I've created this 6-week progressive yoga series to provide just that. 

Sometimes when you attend a yoga class, the pace, complexity of the poses and the length of the class can leave you feeling exhausted and disheartened. This 6-week Progressive Yoga Series will do the complete opposite. You will feel more supple, inspired and pleased with your ability, flexibility and progress, guaranteed!

We've all found ourselves a little more tense and tight through this pandemic.  
This series is a wonderful way to bring back a feeling of ease in your body and mind. Each class will be 30 minutes, you'll be able to log in 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. These will be through Zoom, with the personal option of having your computer camera off or on, as you prefer. The classes will be available for you following the session, should you be unable to attend one. 

Don't delay. If you do, it'll be the same. December will come and you'll be feeling the same tightness. January will come, and again it'll be the same. So why not instead, give yourself 30 minutes to stretch, strengthen, and move in a way that supports your wellbeing?

6-Week Progressive Yoga Series
To feel more limber, at ease and comfortable in your body and mind.
Online - Zoom Progressive Series Link Sent Via Email.
Every Saturday from 9 am to 9:30 am - November 6th to December 11th, 2021

Investment in Your Wellbeing 
Investment: $148.  

VIP option of 6 Private Yoga Sessions (Includes the 6 week Progressive Yoga Series) 

Prefer not to pay through the above options? No worries at all. An e-transfer can be sent to meighlinart@gmail.com. Once payment has been received, you'll receive a confirmation, a welcome email with information and the links to the class series. VIP will receive additional information.

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