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Online Prenatal Yoga Series

Come enjoy the wonderful benefits of Prenatal Yoga for you and your baby!

Pregnancy is a delicate time. A special time to develop a deep connection with your growing baby.  


Prenatal Yoga offers you the opportunity to take an hour and move through yoga poses, connect with your growing baby, relax, restore your energy, ease physical pregnancy discomforts, build strength, and connect with

other expecting women.


Prenatal Yoga has so many physical benefits!

Yoga asana helps open the hips, builds stamina, tones the pelvic floor muscles, eases pregnancy discomforts in the body and helps prepare for birth. Pranayama, breathing exercises, bring more oxygen into the body,

activate the parasympathetic nervous system allow for proper digestion, and assimilation of nutrients into the body and calm the nervous system.

It’s so important to be nourished, supported, respected and loved during your pregnancy.
What you receive
, so does your baby. 


Enjoy relaxing, safe, supportive and nourishing prenatal yoga classes. 

Begins September 17th, 2023

Sunday Evenings 7-8 pm PST 

Ongoing 6-week Series $120. 


Once registered, you'll receive an email with the Zoom link for the series.

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