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Corporate Wellness

Online Yoga

Yoga has increasingly gained attention for its numerous health benefits. These include stress reduction, enhanced creativity and focus, improved postural alignment, as well as emotional wellness. Many common physical ailments such as low back pain, neck and shoulder aches from sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be alleviated with yoga. Stretching particular muscle groups improves posture, which helps not only ease physical pain and aches but also has been shown in research studies to shift mental and emotional states. Strength and flexibility are also gained through various yoga poses. 


Stress management is addressed by providing specific tools and breathing exercises that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, providing a greater sense of wellbeing. You will experience greater clarity, focus and efficiency in your work as well as, feel more centred, grounded and relaxed after each session. 


These sessions are all levels and provide options for everyone. Stretch, release tension, ease anxiety, and stay healthy and strong during this pandemic.



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