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Gain clarity of your natural, unique gifts, and the ways you can build your career as a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher!


Gain clarity on your unique offerings and the specific skills you bring to your clients. Discover how to further your knowledge through specialized training options to become an expert in your niche.

You'll receive support and guidance on your offerings; be that a service, program, training, or retreat.  We'll develop your key messaging, your unique story, get clear on your ideal students and clients, and develop a package of your services.

We'll create a road map for your career that's in alignment with your values and dreams.

Make a greater impactive , have more time freedom and increase your income.


You have my expertise and experience to guide you so that you can flourish in your niche.

Professional Mentorship 

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"Meighlin, I am still buzzing from our conversation  thank you so much for our session. You have given me so many wonderful ideas, and I’m so excited to get into forward momentum again with some clarity on my direction! 


You are so insightful and intuitive, I appreciate all the advice to help me build a path forward and bring all my skillsets together in a cohesive way. "

- Ruth Spink

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