Yoga requires discipline, patience and dedication


How do we offer our students the opportunity to delve deep into their internal landscape, explore their physical capabilities, challenge themselves and build a solid asana practice, while expressing their divine nature and feeling nourished and renewed? 

Approaching yoga in a methodical way will help your students develop a sustainable physical and spiritual practice.

I can assist you to tap into your natural, unique gifts, while sharing with you my personal experience of teaching to help you build your career as a knowledgable and inspiring teacher.

We will meet weekly, either in-person or by Skype, to discuss your vision as a teacher, your unique strengths, your career goals and the particular niche of interest to you. You will gain clarity on the skills you bring to your students, create a strategic plan to achieving your career goals as a teacher, and discover how to further your knowledge through specialized training options, to become an expert in your niche.

We will focus on the areas you'd like to develop; be that teaching cues, building an online presence, or offering trainings and workshops. You will have the knowledge of my teaching experience to guide you, so that you can flourish in your yoga teaching profession!

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