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Professional Mentorship 

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Get clear on your path

your service, your vision, your career!

What brought you to teaching is someone's wellness journey too. Whether it was stress-relief,  anxiety, depression, addiction, lack of connection, or a deep spiritual calling, someone out there is seeking your experience and guidance. 

Gain clarity of your natural, unique gifts, and the ways you can build your career as a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher!

We will meet weekly through Zoom to discuss your vision,  your unique strengths, career goals and the particular niche of interest to you.


You will gain clarity on the skills you bring to your clients, create a strategic plan and discover how to further your knowledge through specialized training options to become an expert in your niche.


I provide you with the support and reflection of your unique story and gifts while providing a road map for creating a career that's in alignment with your values, growth and dreams.

We will focus on the areas you'd like to develop; building an online presence, or offering training and workshops (online & in-person), retreats and services, for time freedom and increased income.


You will have the knowledge of my experience to guide you so that you can flourish in your yoga teaching profession!

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