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The Journey IS the Destination

The grand experience of Life is a gift.

We can deepen our intimacy with Life through the practice of Yoga and meditation.

The moments on our mats offer us the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with ourselves. We come to notice our thought and behaviour patterns and begin to probe into why we react to situations the way we do. We learn to become more responsive and align ourselves with an authentic way of being in the world. We come to realize that the journey IS the destination. Our experiences on our mat, remind us of this.

Integrating this knowing into our being can ease the anxiety, distress and the discontent we so often fill our lives with. We can forgive ourselves, understand that our experience is our perception of it at the moment, and embrace the process. We can be honest with ourselves without contempt, judgement or fear. We can deepen our relationship with Life, making time to enjoy the beauty of experience available to us at each moment!

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