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Your Mat Matters


If you’ve been wondering which mat is most suited to you, be sure to read the consumer advocate report on popular mats on the market, their pro’s & con’s, as well as each company’s business model and commitment to sustainability in the link below.

In teaching, I can say with absolute certainty that a quality mat matters.

One that offers no grip, is either to thin or too bulky, or doesn't clean well will hinder your practice. If they roll up on the corners or bunch up while you’re practicing on them, discard them. Really!

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a mat:

What style of yoga do you practice?

If it's Yin, you may be looking for a thicker mat for cushioning, since you are generally holding poses for three to five minutes. If you practice Vinyasa Flow, you'll want a mat with grip. The same for Power Yoga. You certainly don't want to be constantly trying to hold yourself from sliding in poses! If you practice hot, you won't want a mat that leave stains from your sweat, no matter how many times you clean it?

What is your primary mode of transportation to and from your classes?

If you're on a bike, you may not want to have a heavy mat hanging off your shoulder as you ride. If you walk, how far? If it’s too heavy you may strain your shoulder carrying it. Maybe, you drive to and from classes, so it's not a concern the weight of the mat.

Do you have sensitive knees?

A thick mat will provide helpful padding. But, if it's too thick you may find it challenging to stabilize in balancing poses if there are any ridges in the mat.

What chemicals are in the mat?

You'll want to stay away from pvc mats. Yes, theses are the mats that are in many gyms and yoga studios. PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is the most toxic plastic. You won't want to be breathing in, sweating on and absorbing the toxins through your skin. There are other options, so why make yourself sick when you are doing something to benefit your wellbeing?

Wondering which mat is right for you? tested 65 eco-friendly yoga mats on the market to provide consumers an in-depth guide based on functionality, eco-friendliness, value and design.

Click HERE to read their helpful report.


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