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Whether it’s an injury you are looking to heal, emotional or mental health you seek, or a solid, sustainable practice you wish to develop, I offer sessions catered to your individual needs. Book a session at FitMyTime



Yoga is an important way to build body awareness, flexibility, and relaxation techniques. Take the time to breathe, relax and open up your body. Increase balance and focus your mind.

Journey Through the Chakras










This very special workshop will provide you with information and guidance on the chakras. Journey through the chakras and discover how the chakras are affecting which areas of your life. This is going to be an insightful workshop that will introduce you to each of the seven chakras; the development of them in different stages of your life. You'll learn specific asana, pranayama, mudras and seed mantras help in balancing and energizing each of them.


Bring a notebook and an open mind!


We'll begin at the root chakra, Muladhara - April 5th

and then move to the sacral chakra, Swadhisthana - April 19th

then journey to the solar plexus chakra, Manipura - April 26th

we'll explore the heart chakra, Anahata - May 3rd

then work with the throat chakra, Vishuddha - May 17th

gain insights about the third eye chakra, Ajna - May 24th 

and arrive at the crown chakra, Sahasrara - May 31st

This is an investment in yourself! Providing insight into each chakra and its influence in your life.



DATE: Every Sunday, April 5th - May 31st, 2020

* note: no class on April 12th  (Easter) & May 10th (Mother's Day)

TIME: 4:30-6:30pm

LOCATION:  The Yoga Root - #106-805 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC

Drop-in available $50.

Please email to reserve your spot on the specific date of choice. 


Foundational Yoga Workshop SOLD OUT!

Knowing the correct alignment of an asana is important for safely placing the body in a way that protects the joints, provides a solid foundation for asana variations and allows a natural progression that supports and nourishes the body and mind, rather than fatiguing it. Why does an asana feel awkward or uncomfortable? Why does a particular pose seem so inaccessible? I created the Foundational Yoga Workshop to answer these questions.

 ‘Asana’ translates in Sanskrit as ‘a comfortable, easy position’. When the body is aligned one’s physiology is more efficient and performs more effectively. It requires more energy to hold one’s body out of alignment. Issues resulting from the compensation of different muscle groups to maintain a particular position. This workshop will provide you with a solid foundation and an understanding of proper alignment, to gain greater strength and flexibility while maintaining the necessary balance in each asana, to progress in your yoga practice.


"Meighlin's Foundational Workshop was awesome! As a frequent student of Meighlin's Hatha classes, I found I learnt a ton from her during this workshop. Meighlin is a wonderful yoga teacher and to be able to ask her questions during class and to receive personal suggestions and corrections were priceless for someone who is looking to deepen their yoga practice."

-Jess Pirnak


 "Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom through these weeks. For me it was a journey with lots of learning along the way. It gave me a different view of how I see my yoga practice now. I just assumed I could only go so far, but when you mentioned trying this or that I was surprised I could actually do it. Thanks again for your light and teachings."

-Patricia Asbun 


"Thank-you for your workshop. It was the most interesting! I learned a lot and enjoyed it. You are an amazing yoga teacher, so kind and understanding."

-Regina Baumann


This workshop covers the alignment principles of specific asana so that you can develop a solid and sustainable yoga practice. The principles of alignment provide you with the stability essential for various intermediate variations of asana.

Saturday, January 11th: Seated & Standing Poses & Binds

Saturday, January 12th: Balancing Poses & Inversions & Backbends

Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Cost: $45. per session OR $80. for both sessions.

All levels welcome! Come learn key alignment

Pay by e-transfer?  Send e-transfers to:

Hatha Yoga @ YYoga

Come nourish your body, mind & spirit.

Friday evenings, 5:45-6:45pm 

Saturday mornings, 9:30am-10:45am

YYoga Park Royal

#210 -731 Main Street, West Vancouver, BC

Monday evenings, 7:15-8:30pm

Wednesday evenings, 7:15-8:30pm

YYoga North Shore Elements

#231-1233 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver, BC

Reserve online at:

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga balances the mind and body through a combination of classical postures and breathing techniques. Improve balance and flexibility while clearing and relaxing the mind. All levels welcome.

Monday mornings, 9am-10:15am

Gleneagles Community Centre

6262 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC


Tuesday mornings, 11:15am-12:30pm 

West Vancouver Community Centre

2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

Community Hatha Yoga

Join me for an all levels Hatha Yoga class at the tranquil studio in the woods.

Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:45pm.

Drop-in $6. 

Gleneagles Community Centre

6262 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

An invigorating Hatha class that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for the week ahead.

Sunday mornings, 9am-10:15am

Drop-in $6. 

West Vancouver Community Centre

2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

Yoga Spirit

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? This class will focus on intermediate postures and help you develop an understanding of the relationship between postures, incorporate mudras, mantras, and pranayama into the practice. Open to intermediate students.

Dates: Tuesdays 5pm-6:15pm By invitation only.




Or purchase a 10 class pass for $180. ($18./per class)


Prefer to pay by e-transfer?  Send e-transfers to:

Sunset Yoga

Come enjoy a FREE evening Hatha class outside this summer! Feel the warm air, the grass beneath your feet and move through a joyful yoga sequence as the sun sets. 

Suitable for all levels and ages. 

Dates: TBD - Summer 2020

Time: 7pm-8:15pm

West Vancouver Community Centre

2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

Summertime Yoga by the Sea

Can you feel the gentle breeze, the sound of lapping waves against the shore as you move through your asana practice? We are blessed to live so close to the ocean in Vancouver. Now that the weather has begun to get warmer, start your day with sun salutations; enjoy the sunrise and the sparkle of light on the water, the sound of the birds and feel the earth beneath your feet.

Dates: TBD - Summer 2020

Location: John Lawson Park 

Drop-in: $10


Come enjoy the incredible view on the top of Grouse Mountain. 

Do the Grouse Grind to the top or take the lift 🚠. Mats provided for the first 50 guests. 

Time: 10-11am.

Dates: July 13th, 27th, 28th & August 3rd & 24th ALL SESSIONS SOLD OUT!

Sign-up early through Eventbrite

Let Your Breath be Your Guide 
Deepen your yoga practice by learning how to use your breath effectively. Create greater ease in poses and develop an understanding of how the breath affects movement in this two hour workshop.
Dates: TBD

Cost: $40.

Location: Booked Space

Inquire by email:

Breathing Into Birth

An empowering two hour workshop that focuses on breathing exercises to assist you in labour; teach you how to access your inner strength and bring you into a greater state of calm. Attend with your partner and discover how learning breathing techniques together will prepare and empower you both!

Dates: TBD

Cost: $32.

Inquire by email:

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