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Working Out at Home

Increase Your Mobility & Flexibility 

Do you have tight shoulders, 'frozen shoulder', or neck pain? Is it frustrating to bend down to pick something up, because getting back up feels challenging? Are you concerned about falling because your hips are so tight and your range of mobility is getting less? Are your hamstrings, quads and calves so tight that movement is awkward and uncomfortable?


If you're seeking greater freedom in your body, I've got a solution for you!


There are key movements that you can do to ease the tension and tightness and increase mobility and flexibility in your body, in a relatively short period of time. I've created a 6-video series that provides specific exercises and stretches for your shoulders and neck, low back and hips, and hamstrings, quads and calves. In addition to the videos are six private sessions, to target the practices to your specific needs. We will give extra attention to the specific areas in your body that are tense and tight. You will have simple, specific practices that will yield you great results. Your posture will improve, your range of movement will increase, and you will experience greater freedom and ease in your body.

You will receive six videos focused on:

* Shoulders & Neck

* Back & Hips

* Hamstrings, Quads & Calves

These include specific mobility exercises, stretches and yoga poses targeted at an area of your body, addressing common issues. In addition, you receive a pdf of the exercises, stretches and yoga poses to follow along with.

You also receive a weekly Private Yoga session that covers each of the video series with a Q&A to answer your specific focus on your specific needs.

Booked in Calendly to suit your schedule.

I am an expert at observing, adjusting and teaching how to realign the body for greater ease and range of movement. We will integrate practices from the videos to ensure they are done safely, correctly and effectively. These are invaluable, as you will have a clear understanding of what to do, how to do it and how often to continue doing it.

You will also have unlimited access to all six videos.

The hard truth is that if you don't do it now, it will only continue in the direction it's going. There are such simple and effective practices available to you in this series and easy and effective ways to create more freedom in your body, that there's no reason to delay.

Investment in your health:


Make the decision to give yourself greater ease in your body and mind.


Six videos focused on

* Shoulders & Neck

* Back & Hips

* Hamstrings, Quads & Calves

Bonus - Core Strengthening Sequence

You will receive an email confirmation upon registering with a link to a calendar to book your sessions. 

The sessions will be designed to focus on your specific needs. Online and In-person available (depending on location)

The videos will be sent to your email with the access link

You will have unlimited access to all six videos, to use and enjoy as suits your schedule.  



Desire to access the 6 video series only.


You will receive a new video each week in your inbox.

You will have unlimited access to all six videos, to use and enjoy as suits your schedule.  


Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 6.40.54 AM.png

"Meighlin is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever encountered in all the 30+ years I have been practicing."

-Jana Tubinshlak

"I attended Meighlin's Foundations of Yoga last year to enhance my practice. Meighlin provided a safe space and a wealth of knowledge in which to go deeper into each of the various poses teaching the origins, and also how to hold and be aware during the poses. I remember feeling uplifted and stronger. I effortlessly did a lot of the more challenging balancing poses with ease and full awareness - and a huge smile on my face. I highly recommend any of her teachings, as she truly comes from a place of love and acceptance. "

-Liz Lee

"Meighlin is an amazing, dedicated yoga teacher.  From the moment you step on your yoga mat, the journey begins.  I feel a strong sense of calm upon arrival and every moment throughout my session was met with peace and tranquility.  Meighlin’s expert knowledge of body movement, various tips and techniques to improve flexibility and her attention to detail make for a great instructor. I love every moment! "

 -Mary Harrington

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