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RETREAT May 23rd to 28th, 2025

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An Enriching Journey of Wellness and Self-discovery Awaits

Set in the captivating landscapes of Morocco. This retreat is a soulful exploration of yoga and the harmonious balance of the seven chakras, woven seamlessly into an immersive Moroccan cultural experience.


We’ll be spending time in Marrakech at a traditional riad where our daily activities commence with aromatic Moroccan tea and invigorating yoga sessions. Our wellness offerings extend beyond yoga and meditation with a traditional Hammam and spa experience, a local cooking class, and an enlightening visit to an Argan oil cooperative. Excursions to the Agafay rock desert and a Marrakech city tour enrich our journey, with luxurious desert camp dinners and sunset meditations adding unforgettable memories.



















Riad LakLak la Tradition


Riad LakLak la Tradition is a remarkable riad nestled within the captivating Medina of Marrakech. This spacious property spans an impressive area of approximately 400m2, offering ample room for relaxation and enjoyment. With its five cozy bedrooms and two expansive suites, this splendid riad can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people, ensuring an unforgettable stay for large groups. Each room and suite in Riad LakLak la Tradition exudes comfort and elegance, boasting its own private bathroom and equipped with air conditioning to provide respite from the warm Moroccan climate. Ideally situated amidst the historical gems of Marrakech, Riad LakLak la Tradition resides between renowned ancient palaces and just a mere 7-minute stroll away from the world-famous Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. Unwind on the enchanting rooftop terrace, indulge in refreshing dips in the courtyard swimming pool, enjoy the spacious dining area, and revel in the authentic character of this extraordinary riad.

























Travel into the desert and enjoy dinner at a luxury camp.


In the heart of the desert, we’ll experience a profound sense of peace and connection, further deepening our understanding and practice of the seven chakras. At a luxury desert camp for dinner, we’ll dine under the star-studded sky, relishing the flavours of traditional Berber dishes and sharing our experiences of the day. The desert night, punctuated by the gentle whisper of the wind and the twinkling constellations, provides a magical experience.








Our first day culminates with a welcome dinner, a gastronomic delight that reflects the exquisite flavors of Morocco. This meal will not only satiate your hunger but also provide an opportunity for further connection and conversation, setting the tone for our retreat centred around yoga and the harmonious balance of the seven chakras.


Here's to our unforgettable journey in magical Morocco!


Day 1 · Marrakech

Welcome to Morocco – Let the magic of Marrakech into your heart and soul


Welcome to our transformative retreat set against the mesmerizing backdrops of enchanting Morocco! Your journey begins as you touch down at Marrakech Airport, where you’ll be whisked away via group transfer to our stunning riad in the city. After settling into your rooms, we’ll gather as a collective for an open circle – a time for introductions, sharing intentions, and establishing a safe, harmonious space for our collective journey. This will be followed by ample rest to ensure you're rejuvenated for the enlightening days to come.

Day 2 · Marrakech

Wake up to tea, movement, and a city tour in Marrakech


Our mornings here will begin with a soothing tea time, the perfect start to a day dedicated to wellness, balance, and introspection. Following our serene tea sessions, we’ll come together for a morning yoga session, an invigorating opportunity to align body, mind, and spirit under the soft glow of the Moroccan sun. We’ll explore the depths of our connection with the seven chakras, encouraging vitality, tranquility, and harmony through our synchronized practice.


Once our bodies and minds have been awakened, we’ll gather for breakfast, feasting on a colorful spread of local and international delicacies prepared to nourish your body and delight your palate. With our spirits high and bellies full, we’ll embark on an enchanting Marrakech city tour with a local guide. This exploration promises to enthrall you with the city's history, culture, and vibrant beauty, encapsulating the essence of Morocco in an unforgettable journey.


Back at the riad, we’ll enjoy lunch and a free afternoon to do as you please. Rest at the riad or explore the surrounding medina at your own pace. We’ll close out the day with a delicious Moroccan dinner, a time to enjoy the flavours of the country and share all that we’ve seen and learned thus far.

Day 3 · Marrakech

Pamper yourself with a traditional Hammam and spa experience


Greetings, cherished wellness explorers, as we commence a day of mindful exploration and rejuvenation in the heart of exotic Marrakech. Our morning begins with our tranquil tea ritual, followed by our yoga practice. After breakfast, we have a treat in store in the form of a Hammam spa day. Lose yourself in this quintessential Moroccan ritual, allowing the therapeutic treatments to cleanse, rejuvenate, and invigorate your senses. This experience will not only offer physical relaxation but also provide an opportunity for mental and emotional clarity.


Post-spa, we’ll regather for a delicious lunch, continuing our culinary journey through Morocco's diverse cuisine. Afterward, you are gifted free time to spend as you wish. Explore the stunning surroundings, rest, or engage in personal reflection – the choice is yours.


As the day draws to a close, we’ll meet once again for a sumptuous dinner. Under the starlit Moroccan sky, we’ll share our experiences and learnings from the day while savouring the mouthwatering flavors of traditional Moroccan dishes. Savour every bite and moment here in this peaceful sanctuary.

Day 4 · Marrakech

Dive deep into Moroccan culture with a hands-on cooking class and visit an Argan oil cooperative


Another beautiful day commences with a calming morning tea ritual, allowing us to greet the day with gratitude and quiet reflection. Following our tea, we’ll assemble for our morning yoga session and a delightful breakfast to wake up our minds and bodies. From here, enjoy some free time to integrate and relax.


As the morning transcends into the afternoon, we’ll come together at a local cooking class. This immersive experience allows us to delve into Morocco's rich culinary heritage while preparing our own lunch. Savor the flavours of your self-made Moroccan dishes and bask in the satisfaction of this shared gastronomic journey.


Following lunch, we’ll embark on a visit to a local Argan oil cooperative. This visit presents a unique opportunity to understand the making of this precious 'liquid gold' and its significant place in Moroccan culture and skincare.


As the sun begins its descent, we’ll return to our riad, carrying with us the aromatic memory of Argan oil and the day's shared experiences. We’ll close out the night with a delightful dinner, a feast of Moroccan delicacies enjoyed under the evening sky.

Day 5 · Agafay & Marrakech

Travel into the desert and enjoy dinner at a luxury camp to close out a stellar retreat in Morocco


As dawn breaks on our last full day in Morocco, we’ll enjoy our morning tea ritual, followed by yoga and breakfast. Today, we have a fun surprise in store, as we say goodbye to the city and head into the Agafay Desert. This stark yet beautiful landscape, with its rocky dunes and vast, open sky, offers a unique backdrop for our retreat.


Upon arrival, we’ll break for lunch, sampling traditional Berber cuisine, after which you are free to explore, rest, or contemplate amidst the inspiring desert scenery. As the sun begins its descent, painting the sky with hues of orange, red, and purple, we’ll come together once more for a transformative sunset meditation. Here, in the heart of the desert, we’ll experience a profound sense of peace and connection, further deepening our understanding and practice of the seven chakras. Lastly, we’ll gather at a luxury desert camp for dinner, where we’ll dine under the star-studded sky, relishing the flavours of traditional Berber dishes and sharing our experiences of the day. The desert night, punctuated by the gentle whisper of the wind and the twinkling constellations, provides a magical end to our day.

Day 6 · Departure

Bid farewell to Morocco and all her magic.


Our final day begins gently with a serene morning tea ceremony. This ritual, which has set the tone for our explorations over the past few days, will lend itself to one last breakfast together. We’ll begin saying our goodbyes at a closing circle, a sacred space for us to reflect on our retreat journey, share our insights, and express gratitude for the experiences and learnings we’ve gathered. With our hearts full of memories and spirits infused with newfound wisdom, we’ll check out of our charming riad and take a group transfer to the airport.


Though our journey ends here, the lessons, friendships, and memories we've garnered are lasting. We take with us a deepened understanding of yoga and the harmonious balance of the seven chakras, enriched by the vibrant culture and mesmerizing landscapes of Morocco. Safe travels and be well!



  • 5 nights at Riad LakLak la Tradition

  • Double occupancy in accommodation

  • All meals

  • All airport and activity transfers

  • 1 group arrival airport transfer from Marrakech Airport

  • 1 group departure airport transfer to Marrakech Airport

  • Private tourist minibus

  • English-speaking escort guide

  • Fuel, tolls and any fees related to the car/driver

  • Daily wellness sessions & workshops with Meighlin

  • Yoga Mats if needed

  • All activities and tours listed in the itinerary


Not included

  • Flights

  • Personal expenses not stipulated

  • Optional add-ons

  • Gratuities

  • Entrance fees

  • Drinks with included meals

  •  Available add-on

  • Single room upgrade - Upgrade to a single room for the duration of the retreat (1 spot left)

  • Coaching Session / Private Consulting with Meighlin

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Meighlin is Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness teacher with over 10 years of professional teaching experience. She weaves the wisdom of Ayurveda, along with the eight limbs of yoga and mindfulness practices, into each yoga session. 

Her joyful, inspirational teaching, for all levels, will nourish your body, mind and your spirit. 

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