Elevate Your Wellbeing

"It doesn't matter where you start. Only that you begin." - Robin Sharma

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Uplevel Your Life

If you're tired of feeling tired, would love to get a full night's sleep instead of waking up in the middle of the night, night after night, after night, desire to feel more comfortable in your body, would like to switch to turn off the endless mental chatter, and prefer instead to experience vitality, joy, ease and feel more rested, this program is for you!


Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation are ancient traditional practices to bring balance to your body, mind and connect you to the Divine within. I have developed a progressive and complete yoga, mindfulness, meditation and Ayurveda program to enhance your wellbeing. After years of studying, teaching and observing my students I know the power of these practices to create vitality, heal from a range of mental, emotional and physical issues, and elevate your well-being above what may seem possible.

The mind-body connection is so powerful that what happens to one affects the other. Think of how your body is affected by worry. And, how your mind is affected when your body is weak or sick. The wonderful thing is, that you can learn specific practices to train your mind to positively affect your health and you can integrate specific

physical practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to increase vitality, strength, flexibility and beauty. Yes, beauty. 


Let's be honest, if you don't commit to your health and wellbeing now, when? So often we put off what we know is best for our health. We think "I'm not ready", or 'I'm not sure if I can commit". But, we all know that it's only when we commit that we follow through. And, that when we follow through we reap the rewards of our commitment.

We live in a very busy world that pulls us energetically in a multitude of directions that can leave us feeling scattered and overwhelmed. We experience extreme fatigue, which can become chronic and lead to a number of health issues. Yet, there are very specific practices to effectively manage stress and thrive.


Along with the physical benefits of yoga for the body, yoga practices and mindfulness techniques calm the mind,

help manage emotions and release stress. Mental stress can lead to anxiety, depression and insomnia. The practices I teach ease anxiety, lift heavy feelings and provide deep calm to help sleep well. You can return to wholeness and balance in your life.

There is much research currently being conducted on the numerous benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. It is been shown on brain scans that meditation and mindfulness practices affect the grey matter in your brain’s amygdala, a region known for its role in stress. The hippocampus, which helps your memory and learning, becomes thicker, as does the prefrontal cortex after practising mindfulness. Even the mantra SA TA NA MA is included on the Canadian Alzheimers Society website for the benefits the practice provides?  


Ayurveda, the 'sister science' of yoga and is becoming much more widely known. 

There are daily routines that are specific to your body for greater wellbeing. I will give you a daily routine specific to your dosha, which we will determine in your introduction private session, that you can apply to your life for great benefit.



Weekly Ayurveda Sessions

Commit to your wellbeing.

Whether you are healing from an injury, have a medical condition,  or are seeking greater mobility, or simply desire to feel more comfortable in your body, a private yoga session will support you in achieving the results you seek. A personalized schedule allows you to set the date and time that works best for you. These private sessions will keep you engaged with your practice and nourish your body, mind & spirit!

Weekly Yoga Sessions

Coming together as a group to practice helps maintain motivation and focus, as well as share in the energy and be supported.


*30 Minute Stretch practice & 30-minute Mindfulness practice

*75 Minute Weekly Yoga Class


You also receive FOUR Workshops through the program!

As this program is focused on providing you with a practice tailored to your specific needs and inclusive of mindfulness practices, meditation and Ayurveda, I am only able to offer 20 spots.

You’ll be amazed at how powerful these practices are!

You will feel at ease in your body, calm in your mind and experience greater health.

I highly encourage you to make the commitment to yourself!

There is only so long that we can put things off before the path to wholeness becomes longer and more challenging. So, don't take that route. Instead, take confidence in yourself that yes, you can feel whole, happy, well-rested, calm, limber, and strong. You can experience greater vitality and joy.

The accountability of this program will hold you to your commitment to yourself.  

The weekly private session is for you and about you! We'll go over your current state of wellness and where you want to be, how you want to feel, what you seek to experience, now and in the future.

You will also receive weekly mindfulness reflective worksheets, along with the mindfulness sessions.

We’ll also cover the heart of yoga; the philosophy and move through variations of asana, incorporate mudras, learn pranayama, and develop a meditation practice.


January 2nd - June 26th, 2022

There will be a Group Introduction to the program on January 2nd, 2022

Weekly private Yoga sessions will begin the first week at the arranged time. This will be set prior to the program.


Life does 'happen' so know that missed sessions can be carried over should you be unable to make your weekly session. If you will be going away, simply let me know and again, we'll carry them over.

All group weekly Live Stream Sessions will be recorded and available to you in the Private Program Portal.

Workshops will be 2 hrs in length and there will be 4 in the program. All workshops will be recorded and available in the Private Program Portal.

This is going be to a program like no other because it's entirely focused on you. Each week for the private yoga sessions provides accountability which helps to maintain focus, and commitment to reap results.


The weekly Live Streams bring you into a community with each other. 

We will have additionally a 15 minute Q & A monthly, following the Live Stream at the first of each month.

You can share your insights, ask questions and have the opportunity to connect. 

This is an all-level program. It is not about what poses you can currently come into or not, how flexible you are, or not, whether you are familiar with mindfulness or meditation, or not. The weekly privates are designed specifically for your experience and needs. We'll focus on what is going to serve you best. 

The weekly mindfulness live streams will be insightful and provide specific practices that you can integrate and apply into your daily life. The stretch live Stream, along with the weekly Yoga Live Stream will provide many options and modifications, so that you can confidently progress. 

This program is not to be missed! 

Investment: $3,979.

Please contact me at info@meighlin yoga.com to discuss payment issues.

*Priority registration for my next international yoga retreat will go to everyone in this program,

inclusive of a 10% discount off of the retreat.*

Limited spots are available 

Will one of those spots be yours?

As this program is focused on providing you with focused practice, tailored to your needs and inclusive of mindfulness practices, meditation and Ayurveda, I am only able to offer 20 spots.

Book a call with me to discuss if this program is right for you.

Emai:  info@meighlinyoga.com

Or, take action towards your wellbeing and secure your spot.

Looking for a payment plan? 

Contact me directly to discuss options.

Don't delay. Make the commitment to yourself and make 2022 the year that you dedicate to your wellbeing!