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An unexpected gift

I received a lovely gift from YYoga this week!

....The interesting thing about receiving this, is how much it came from an unexpected place. It seems, I'm among 300 of their 15,000 members with a 'most dedicated' yoga practice. I've begun to notice more and more that, that which moves us forward from within, requires very little push from the plannings of the mind. We naturally are drawn to that which brings us joy and peace, well... most of the time.

Less than three years ago, I walked into my first class. Before the teacher had guided us into sitting in sukhasana, I remember the wonderful feeling of having 'arrived'. 'I am where I am supposed to be' went through my mind with absolute clarity. From that moment on my mat, the journey began. I could never have imagined how incredible it would be; the joy, the frustration, the experience of being dragged through the mud of my own mind. It opened me in a profound and beautifully transformative way. Indeed, usually the sweetest relationships in life are like that... and this relationship is with yourSELF!

So, as I delight in this gracious gift that's acknowledged my deep, unyielding dedication to my practice, I would LOVE to share the joy!!! Send me a message for a complimentary class pass. Who knows where it may lead you...

Light & Love,


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