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Travel with Yoga

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel around the world spending two weeks, two months or two years sharing your love of Yoga? Well, it’s possible! Depending on your current commitments, your flexibility and desire, there are numerous opportunities to explore other countries, cultures and connect with various people of different backgrounds.

It may be a work/trade or an internship that suits you best. Or, maybe it’s a paid position that requires additional skills that you possess, that provides you the chance to be in a part of the world you’ve always been curious about. While there are as many ways to go about seeking opportunities, as there opportunities out there, Yoga Travel Jobs is a great site that lists an array of different arrangements, locations and specific skills needed at various retreat centres, studios, ashrams and organizations.

You could be in the Himalayas at an ashram developing your personal practice, while guiding others and having experiences that will deepen your understanding of Yoga. You could be surfing in Morocco teaching three classes a day to guests at a resort. The possibilities are open and endless.

I personally, love France! Especially, the south. Walking through the village markets with the plentitude of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried herbs, cheeses and breads makes my heart sing. The pace of living is so different from where I live, which isn’t even that faced-paced, but is still slower. While I know that visiting a country is quite different than living there, some places just speak to us more than others. And, France is that place for me.

Feeling inspired to expand my experiences and share the benefits of yoga, I recently checked to see what opportunities were listed on Yoga Travel Jobs. Alas, there was one that stood out for me, in France. Now I don’t want to say too much about it. Of course, you can click on Yoga Travel Jobs here and scroll through and find it. Check it out and see what jumps out for you!

And remember, we are only as limited as we believe ourselves to be.

Wishing you many exciting adventures,


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